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Rio provides 'alternative dispute resolution' ('ADR') services to employers and other businesses. Rio provides ADR services to raise funds for its charitable activities.

Lowest Mediation Fees - Guarenteed!

Rio's ADR services include discount mediation services and mediators. Our current basic mediation fees are $500.00 per party per day, and $275.00 per party per one-half day. Rio offers special 'sliding scale' fees to parties who have cases in Small Claims (Justice Court) and are not represented by a lawyer.

Rio guarantees the lowest cost mediation services in your area. If you have a signed legitimate quote for mediation less than Rio's, Rio will conduct the mediation for 5% less.

Free Mediation !

Use Rio for five mediations, and the sixth is free. For more information, please contact Rio Services:, telephone - 800.891.4554, 956.761.2289 fax - 800.891.4566, 761.761.7424. Call David Horton direct at 956.761.6644 or mobile 956.434.9996. Avoid the lawsuit lottery - call Rio today !

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